👋 Hi, I'm Tyler Donahue

Teacher, digital marketer & curious human.

Working on relevant problems with passionate people fills me with life. Are you passionate about solving a problem? Maybe I can help with consulting, resources, relationships or funds.


Professional Snapshot ⏱


Real Estate (2 years) Realtor + small investor during university. Made over 100k in commissions. (lots of cold calling 😬)


Digital Marketing (4 years) Small paid advertising agency. Generated millions for a variety of B2B & B2C companies with Google & Facebook ads. (coolest project was with Mondelez launching a healthy snack brand)


E-commerce (1.5 years) Started a few e-commerce stores. Sold one to an investor after getting it to 30k/month in revenue.


Customer Service (2 years+) We serve the customers of your favorite creators & influencers at DIDIN. Some clients include: Yes Theory, Lonzo Ball and All Gas No Brakes.


Teaching (3 years+) Discovered a passion for teaching at Draper University, now helping OnDelta change education for the better.

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The Kind Project 💌

This is my effort to encourage people to share more kind words with each other spontaneously. Learn more and read my short story "The Mysterious Story of the Kindness Ninja" below 👇

It's a work in progress as I learn to use Webflow 👨‍💻

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