👋 Hi, I'm Tyler Donahue

Teacher, digital marketer & curious human.

Working on relevant problems with passionate people fills me with life. Are you passionate about solving a problem? Maybe I can help with consulting, resources, relationships or funds.


Professional Snapshot ⏱


Real Estate (2 years) Realtor + small investor during university. Made over 100k in commissions. (lots of cold calling 😬)


Digital Marketing (4 years) Ran a small paid advertising agency. Generated millions for a variety of B2B & B2C companies with Google & Facebook ads. (coolest project was with Mondelez launching a healthy snack brand)


E-commerce (1.5 years) Started a few e-commerce stores. Sold one to an investor after getting it to 30k/month in revenue.


Customer Service (2 years+) We serve the customers of your favorite creators & influencers at DIDIN. Some clients include: Yes Theory, Lonzo Ball and All Gas No Brakes.


Teaching (3 years+) Discovered a passion for teaching and building community at Draper University, now helping SkillBank change education for the better.

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The Kind Project 💌

This is an effort to encourage people to share more kind words with each other. Comes with a short story 👉 "The Mysterious Story of the Kindness Ninja"

It's a work in progress as I learn to use Webflow 👨‍💻

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If you'd like to work with me or hear some of my thoughts on life, commerce, mental health, books and anything else that interests me then 👇

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