“Labor is the necessary condition for the spiritual life” - Leo Tolstoy


“You should never be ashamed of any work, even the lowest and dirtiest, but you should be ashamed only of the dirtiest moral state, that is the idleness of your body, which is the necessary result of the consumption of the labor of others” - Leo Tolstoy in The Calendar of Wisdom

Why keep this in your brain?

  1. It levels the playing field. We can all benefit from the indirect rewards of labor, regardless of status or glamor.
  2. One of the key tactics behavioral psychologists use to help people escape “the funk” is to get them moving (walks & simple tasks do the trick for me).
  3. Idleness is the result of the consumption of the labor of others. Scrolling through the feed is idleness in disguise. It can feel like you are doing something but as Tolstoy puts it, you are simply consuming the labor of others.